Student accounts have been updated! Remember if a number is (RED) it is a negative number. Fund raisers are being added. If you do not see all your fundraisers check back or contact Tina McMullen at

SHS Band boosters bingo is every Thursday

6:30pm at Springfield Roller rink

1220 Main St  Lakemore, OH 44250

We are in need of adults to help with bingo on Thursday’s!

Please consider coming out and helping.

Here is the schedule for setup and tear down for Bingo.

 The more students that come out the faster we can get it done!

Setup is Wednesday night at  9:00PM

Tear down is Thursday at 9:15PM

Nothing from March 22, 2018 to May 22, 2018.

    ***Section Leaders remember its your job to remind and encourage your section to set up and tear down on your assigned day***