Update:  All accounts are back online and updated, including new marchers, with all finalized fundraisers.  If you do not see a fundraiser on your account yet it is because the finial paperwork from the vendor is not complete.  Some people have reported having issues seeing the account information.  If you can not see your spreadsheet please Email Jim at support@shsband.org and he will get it fixed ASAP.


Marching Band  Students:  your login is your firstlastname without a space.  (johndoe)

If you are marching for the first time your account will be created in June or July.  Your password will be sent to your school email address.

Because all students email addresses were changed at the beginning of the school resetting of students passwords will not work at this time.

Parents:  If you do not have an account Please email support@shsband.org and request access to your child(s) account. You will receive your account information via email once your account is created.


If you have any questions regarding your account please email Tina McMullen at accounts@shsband.org or use the contact form below.

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